Personal Protective Equipment PPE

Health and safety at work is essential for everybodys well being. Thats why we've carefully researched, and then selected only the highest performance products from leading manufacturers around the world to offer you the best range of personal protective equipment (PPE) available.

Protective Work Gloves & Hand Protection

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Lightweight and flexible gloves for chemical and assembly handling, glass handling and general glazing work offering various levels of hazardous resistance, abrasion, cut, tear and puncture resistance. The perfect protective glove range for managing chemical hazards, cut hazards and safety in the workplace. Excellent quality at great value prices. All our protective gloves are tested to EN standards.

Wrist & Arm Protection

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Where sharp items are to be lifted or transported our range of wrist protectors can be indespesible. Very popular right now are the knitted Kevlar sleeves that exhibit an excellent fit as well as affording great flexibility and breathability.

Work Aprons

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Work aprons are the ideal companion when it comes to glass processing. Our range of professional work aprons provide various levels of cut resistance as well as maintaining a safe barrier between you and any dirt, dust, oil or chemicals that you may come into contact with.

Eye Protection

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Stylish, lightweight and comfortable safety glasses and goggles ideal for environments such as glazing and glasswork, building or construction, wood or metal where there is a risk of small flying particles or debris potentially damaging the eyes.

Head Protection

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BS EN 397 Helmets for general use in construction and industry to provide protection to the wearer against falling objects and consequential brain injury and/or skull fracture.

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