Casma Patch Fittings

CASMA has devoted over 50 years to design and development of hardware systems exclusively for frameless toughened glass door assemblies, adapting products to the local requirements and traditions of each country.

Flexibility: Multifunctional fittings, one with over 32 different functions, that make the stocking of CASMA fittings the easiest and most cost effective option on the market. All covers are interchangeable and available in a stainless steel or polished stainless steel finish.

Assurance: Up to ten years' warranty or 4 million opening/closing cycles, made possible by over 50 years of field testing on over two million doors throughout the world, plus severe in-plant inspections.

Max. door weight for CASMA patch fittings 100kg. Max. door width for CASMA patch fittings 1100mm.
For door weights up to 150kg and widths up to 1400mm, door rails should be used.
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