Ritec Clear Vision Diy Glass Surface Protection Kits

For over 30 years, ClearShield has been used throughout the world on a variety of commercial glass applications including skyscrapers, cruise liners, hotels, conservatories and shower enclosures. You can also now enjoy the unique benefits, in and around the home with the ClearShield Clear Vision range of do-it-yourself kits.

Clear Vision DIY kits are specially formulated to convert ordinary, unprotected glass into ‘non-stick’, low-maintenance Glass. Clear Vision is a polymeric resin and, when applied to glass, it cross-links to form a strong chemical bond. Clear Vision is completely transparent, chemically inert, non-hazardous and UV stable. Unlike a coating, Clear Vision becomes part of the glass so will not peel, flake or crack. Easy to apply for long lasting, durable glass protection.

Aftercare products are also available to provide end-users all they need to maintain the optimum performance of ClearShield protection.

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