Hodgson Flexistrip - Load Bearing Butyl Glazing Tape

Hodgson Flexistrip is the market leading butyl glazing tape for installing glass and double glazed units into timber or steel windows and doors. Tested to BS 6375 (weathertightness) and BS 7950 (security). Flexistrip is ideal for factory glaziers, site glaziers and specifiers.

Main benefits of using Flexistrip;
1. Has excellent durability and movement accommodation
2. Suitable for glazing all glass types either on site or in the factory
3. More suitable for site glazing than systems using closed cell foam (dry) glazing tapes
4. Provides a neat and professional finish at the sightline after trimming
5. Can be overcoated immediately with water or solvent borne paint and wood stains.

Flexistrip is suitable for use in the following, industry recognised Hodgson Sealants glazing systems. These systems offer added assurances with regard to exposure rating, weathertightness, air permeability, movement accomodation and security depending upon the glazing system selected;

The B6 Glazing System - Fully Bedded Bead Glazing
The D3 Glazing System - Drained and Ventilated
The R1 Glazing System - Re-glazing, Fully Bedded Bead Glazing

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