Glass Door Hinges

Glass door hinges for creating 'frameless' glass doors. These types of glass door hinges are generally easy to fit, require little on-site assembly and don't need to have holes cut into the floor or ceiling. Ideal for turning internal, or external doors into modern, stunning 'all-glass' doors, without extensive retrofitting of existing framework.

With six different glass door hinge designs in a choice of popular finishes, we offer a wide range of design options. Components are available for glass thicknesses from 8mm up to 21.52mm.

For a wide range of shower glass door hinges visit our shower enclosures section.

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NEW Hydraulic glass door hinges with built-in closing mechanisms. View the hydraulic hinges brochure
  1. CASMA corner and side hung glass door hinges including the CASMA Quadra and Claustra range. All hinges in this section are for single action doors and are suitable for 8 - 10mm glass.
    Low cost, free swing hinge systems allow a glass door to be installed into an existing or new door opening made of wood, steel or aluminium.

    Maximum door weight 50kg.

    Maximum door width 1000mm.
  2. The Colcom 8700 Series glass door hinge is a double action, swinging door hinge suitable for 8 - 12mm glass. A simple design, that's easy to install, with a precise and reliable function. Manufactured in Italy. Self centering from approximately 25°. Suitable for internal use only.

    Maximum door weight 60kg.

    Maximum door width 900mm.
  3. Biloba The innovative solution

    Colcom Biloba glass door hinges represent the evolution and the synthesis between automatic-mechanical hinges and the hydraulic door closers already present on the market. The moving speed is adjustable and very safe, because the door maintains pressure in case of accidental violent pull. Suitable for internal and external use.
  4. Biloba BT For wet or high humidity areas such as showers, saunas and steam baths

    Colcom Biloba BT glass door hinges extend the evolution and the synthesis between automatic-mechanical hinges and the hydraulic door closers already present on the market with the BT range designed especially for installations in environments such as showers, saunas and steam baths.
  5. Unica & DUO The innovative solutions for floor springs

    Colcom's UNICA & DUO are innovative self-closing glass door patch hinges. Conceived for installation on interior or exterior doors, these hinges features pure, essential design and are ideal for installation in any type of setting. Eextremely quick and easy to install into any floor.

    Maximum door weight 150kg.

    Maximum door width 1200mm.
  6. Biloba EVO Door Closer Hinge

    Colcom Biloba EVO is prodigious and revolutionary: The first hinge with integrated door closer for doors with stop both internal and external, adjustable closing and constant braking control, for doors opening up to 180°. Suitable for 8 - 21.52mm glass.

    Maximum door weight 120kg.

    Maximum door width 1200mm.
  7. Triloba The evolution of the traditional door closer

    Colcom's innovative glass door hinge which allows a fast and simple installation. Floor breaking or anaesthetic air door closers are no longer necessary. The main feature of the Triloba oildynamic hinge is the possibility to adjust the braking valves for anti-draught and safety functions. Designed for internal or external doors.