Glazing Consumables

Everyday consumables that you need to perform your glazing work professionally.

Setting and Distance Blocks

Click to view the Setting and Distance Blocks
Setting and distance blocks to aid you in performing your glazing work efficiently and professionally. Available in plastic, wood and transparent plastic.

Glass Grinding Tools

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A range of tools used to grind, arris, smoothen and polish glass edges, ceramics, granite and more.

Squeegees and Window Wipers

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A range of squeegees, window wipers and replacement parts

Glass Scrapers and Spare Blades

Click to view the Glass Scrapers and Spare Blades
A range of glass scrapers and replacement blades suitable for a wide variety of applications

Single Edge Blades

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Industrial standard single edge blades made from heavy duty carbon steel with reinforced back

Emergency Repair Films

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Simple and effective adhesive film which acts as a temporary protective coating for broken or cracked glass surfaces

Mirror Backing Foils

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A simple and effective mirror backing foil adhesive film with liner to protect the back of the mirror against moisture ingress.

Self-Adhesive Lead Strips

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Self-adhesive lead strip for windows and crafts as used by the glass industry for single and double glazed windows, used for stained glass design and can be soldered.

Heavy Duty Webbing

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Heavy duty webbing used for glass lifting and carrying

Resilient Pads

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Serve as feet and spacers, high slip and wear resistance. Vibration and noise absorbing

Glass Marking Pens and Pencils

Click to view the Glass Marking Pens and Pencils
Glass marking pens and pencils

Rubber Strip for Glass Floors

Click to view the Rubber Strip for Glass Floors
Provides support, protection and stability to the glass panel when installed into steel or timber frames used in glass floor installations.

Steel Wool

Click to view the Steel Wool
Steel wool, for cleaning the surfaces with adhesive bonds.

Sash Cords

Click to view the Sash Cords
Sash cords for use with sash windows and pulley systems. Ideal for replacement in traditional wooden sash windows.

Glass Packaging Supplies

Click to view the Glass Packaging Supplies
Glass packaging consumables to wrap and protect glass surfaces, edges and corners for safer handling, storage and transportation.

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