Mirror Trims, Mirror Adhesive, Mirror Fixings & Demister Pads

Aluminimum mirror trims and a comprehensive range of mirror fixings featuring quality mirror adhesive, mirror screws and mirror supporting clips.

In this section you will also find our complete range of VISABEL mirror demising pads.


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A range of aluminium sections designed to support 4 to 6mm mirror without the need for adhesive or to drill the mirror, whilst providing added edge protection.

Mirror Adhesive

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Market leading, fast-curing adhesive which allows the user to secure mirrors to many vertical, non-porous surfaces such as painted plaster or wood, ceramic tiles and glass in situations which would otherwise require the use of mechanical fixings.
For porous walls we recommend applying a suitable primer.

Mirror Screws

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Mirror screws & fixings in a variety of sizes and finishes.

Concealed Mirror Fixing Kits

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These sets are supplied with all the necessary fixing materials included. After mounting they are hidden from sight behind the mirror but still allow for height and lateral adjustments. These kits are especially useful where occasional access is required behind the mirror.

Mirror Supporting Clips

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A wide range of mirror supporting clips for the safe mounting of mirrors of various thicknesses and weights.

Mirror Adhesive Tapes

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More security for your mirrors is hardly possible.! Xtramount® and XtraCryl® mirror adhesive tapes are double-sided adhesive tapes with excellent initial tack, specially developed for vertical mounting of mirrors per DIN EN 1036.

VISABEL Mirror Demister Pads

Click to view the VISABEL Mirror Demister Pads
Prevents steamed up bathroom mirrors. The Visabel mirror heating film is self-adhesive and fits to the back of the mirror. Electric conductors in the film heat the mirror to approx. 30°C, thus preventing condensation on the mirror.

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