Martor SCRAPEX 596 100mm Premium Glass Scraper

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Martor SCRAPEX 596 100mm premium glass scraper is the largest scraper in our product range.

Use it for effortless removal of stickers, labels and other paper, colour, and paint residue on all smooth surfaces.

You can work especially effectively with the 100mm long blade. Your professional tool also convinces with a non-slip handle and the built-in safeguard.


Replacement blades are available in packs of 10.

Robust and durable. The 110mm long handle is made of die-cast zinc. what does that mean to you? a scraper with a long life, also armed for the hardest of jobs.

Broad user surface. considering it has a blade length of 100 mm, you are already working on a large area of use. so, you clearly don't have to use your scraper very often to clean a certain surface.

Safeguard included. To cover the wide blade, release the special screw manually and push the blade cover to the front with your thumb. now turn the screw on again to shut it and everything is safe.

Non-slip handle. A tool of such dimensions should not slip in your hands. of course, we have thought of that - and have therefore equipped the handle with a non-slip soft grip and small pores that are friendly to the hands.

Easy blade changing. The special screw will also help you change blades. turn it open and remove the blade cover. now you can take out and change the blade.