Colcom Biloba Unica Self Closing Hydraulic Glass Patch Fitting

UNICA The innovative solution for floor springs

Colcom's UNICA is the innovative patch fitting that enriches the Biloba series. Conceived for installation on interior or exterior doors, the UNICA self closing patch fitting features pure, essential design and is ideal for installation in any type of setting. Designed for installation without the need for a floor box it is extremely quick and easy to install into any floor. UNICA patch fittings do not require any additional floor or overhead closing devices, yet maintain the advantages of a closing system. The UNICA 101E 10 can be combined with most patch fittings and locks in the Casma series if required.
Colcom UNICA encompasses the brake, closing speed adjuster and final latch in a space only 56 mm high. Suitable for glass thicknesses of 8 to 13.52mm, and doors weighing up to 100kg. A single hinge can be used to support heavy doors without having to change the closing mechanism, which remains automatic. The pivot variant can be mounted on very large doors, providing excellent stability, safety and minimum space.
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