VERIBOR Suction Lifters For Windscreens & Curved Glass

A selection of VERIBOR suction lifters suitable for lifting diverse loads and surfaces curved beyond standard making working with unwieldy parts quicker and more effective.

These select suction lifters are superiorly designed and quality built for installing curved glass panels, car windscreens, car side and rear windows and larger windscreens and glass panels such as those found in lorries, buses and coaches. When activating, the vacuum is created by increasing the hollow space between the transporting material and the suction pad. VERIBOR suction lifters feature a combination of high-quality synthetic material with a robust aluminium body, displaying excellent ergonomics and modern design.

In certain light conditions, or when glass or similar polished materials have condensation on their surface, circular suction marks can appear that were previously invisible. This is not limited just to the suction cups used during installation, these marks can also be from the vacuum cups used during the manufacturing and processing stage of the material.

For the safe removal of these marks we recommend Ritec Ritepolish, a highly effective, mildly abrasive cream cleaner. Ritec Ritepolish can also be used for the removal of tape marks, mineral and other deposits from PVC-u, stainless steel, glass and more.

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